Saturday, February 2, 2013

Post One Hundred and Ninety Eight: Travel Light.

I've been reluctant to write, knowing that I've been ruminating over denouement, pensive and sober, my feet stuck in the drying mud.

Times like that; black, hungry times. The crushing ones, the ones that make you throw things and cry out. Should I have shared them? I could have given legs to my pathos and let you take them for a run.
Finding the words that match the way I feel, to colour mood with more dark than light, allowing others with minds that paint with words to see alike.

I enjoy the idea of words dying as time does. Of laying them out like corpses to say goodbye. Yet in shock and tragedy perhaps the close of such a heavy book is best done with a private funeral.

I'm moving. Come along and read with me. I'll blow air into a new balloon with words that float, born of the hunt.  



  1. Exciting times I think/hope :)
    Is this a drastic escape plan hatched in order to not disclose the "secret that cannot be discussed" ?
    Either way best of luck and I hope your new destination brings you closer to what you are seeking :)
    Post 199 from Paris I'm looking forward to.
    Safe travels.
    Eddie xx