Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Post Thirty-Four: Young, Hot and Very Dead.

Q. You know what's frustrating for me?

A. When young, honey skinned, perfectly toned, classically attractive people die. Fuck youthful naivity! We are mortal!

Fools...stop speeding in your cars, stop drinking and running onto the street in front of taxis, stop scuba diving without training....STOP!

I hate meeting you this way.

I had to put a dude to rest today who's bones in his body was like alphabets in soup. He was young and beautiful, apart from that. It was bitchin, in a bad way. I need a drink.

Peace. x


  1. Perhaps if they spent a day with you these kids would then realise that they aren't immortal.
    Hope the drink was a strong one!

  2. Kudos to you for restoring his beauty for his loved ones. Hang in there mate.


  3. Aw. Worse type of customer. Chin up honey.
    The family appreciate your care and attention. ::hugs::

  4. Such a tragedy. I have two sons, both Learner Drivers. The longer they stay Learner the better. Love your blog, your writing and your humour. So glad I was recommended to come and read it.

  5. Keep writing, Sarah.

    Just keep writing.

  6. Eeep. Good call. And of course you just ear wormed me with Billy Joel.

    Damn you!

    I had some Chinese Robot Spam today. It said "Always read stuff that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it".

    Is that true? If so do the peeps that bring in the bods tell you what's on the nightside table? If so what's there?

  7. i so wish you could have been my sons keeper he would have looked down and smiled and his brother and sisters would have found you a joy r.i.p. nicolas james robinson 1979-2002

  8. Mikey, I'm actually going to write about the books that come in soon, it's great!! Lots of people come in with suduko and crosswords and the like, but there have been some awesome cowboy novels. To be continued...

    And Madonna, It's moments like this where I wish I could not be isolated, stuck typing on a computer. I could reach across and give you a hug...I'm sure Nicolas was looked after by someone just as caring. Your son was so young, too young. It must be so hard.