Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Post Two Hundred and Nine: The Book.

I'm not asking for much. A simple black book. I don't even want a picture on the dust jacket.

For fucks sake. I don't even need a dust jacket.

Let me write a book.

I'll put my best stories in there. The profound ones and the shocking ones and the nonsense ones and the ones that make you smile and the ones that make me cry.

I'm not asking for a lot of money. Just enough to pay my way, and enough to buy one of those  fans without blades. Those things are so rad.

I want a book that I've published to hand to my mum.

I want a book that I've published to hand to my grade seven teacher.

I want a book that I've published to prop my feet up when I'm resting in my coffin.

Deal? (give me).



  1. Oh, I hear ya ...

  2. Sarah you WILL write your book.
    You are amazing with your words.Your honesty is heart warming and your care for those who have passed on is beautiful.
    I have believed you have a book inside ever since your very first post.
    Be proud of all you have done and believe.x

  3. Where's the link for me to buy it and throw money your way? :)

  4. Write it first.

    Although there is a feel in the publishing community paper is fading. I went through a bit of it with Prof Crew.

    But having a book ready to hand (or 3) when asked can only help. And you never know when that is coming.