Monday, October 18, 2010

Post Eighty: Well Bless my Soul, Rock and Roll (I'm Up Aways)

I hate flying.

The fear is called disambiguation, so wiki says. Aerophobia, aviatophobia or pteromechanophobia. Whatever it is, I gots the cloud fright. Give me crazed clowns any day.

Perhaps it's the only repercussion of witnessing the decomposed remains of a young family who decided to fly a small plane in bad weather; and this within a couple of months of starting my mortuary career in 2008. (Oh, wait.. I'm not a great passenger on long drives either). Transportophobia?

I'm heading to Melbourne tomorrow morning, only to fly back that afternoon for a day. Then, Friday I'm heading back for Mariachi...It's THIS FRIDAY! The trouble is, I can't get excited about Friday until Wednesday is over.

Flight number one is for a scholarship final round; if I speak knowledgably enough about social media to beat two other peeps I get money for some sweet education. So, if all goes swimmingly prepare to be blown away by eaten knowledge next year. I'm thinking of doing my honours on some cross cultural funeral practises or maybe grief expression. Whatever the topic, it'll be death related so stay tuned.

So, planes. 4 within 5 days. If I go down, I will be wearing my favourite undies and my teeth will be plaque free. The odds of an aviation disaster are pretty low, but then again, those stupid disaster shows do bad things to my sensibilities!

Life, don't end now!

Peace. x
(P.S) Luck me at 1.15PM Wednesday y'all!).


  1. Good luck with the speaking and please, no plane crashes.

  2. The cloud gods wouldn’t be so cruel as take you before at least the fourth flight, would they? Well here’s hoping the pull of Mariachi gets you through the first 3. I’m guessing come the fourth you might be wanting your world to end to ease that hangover pain.

    I’m currently waiting for their alter ego to announce a soundwave side show in Melbs. Apparently any day now, fingers crossed.

    P.s. Any skin alterations taking place during the trip ?

  3. i absolutely feel the same way and envy anyone that actually enjoys it!

    good luck!

  4. I am not a fan of flying either- takeoff scares the bejebus outta me. I always look around for someone who looks as terrified as me, but they are all flicking through their magazines looking cool as cucumbers. Then I quietly have my panic attack and pull it all together around landing time!
    Wishing you safe travels! :)

  5. Thanks for the well wishes and comforting...I sat next to a perpetual lol'er; which sounds weird, and an odd lady that constantly asked for more OJ and bashed her head on the seat in front. In other words, I was the most natural flyer on the plane.