Friday, October 15, 2010

Post Seventy-Nine: No Wise Man Ever Wished to be Younger.

What is up with that dogs eyes?

ANYWAY, my birthday is on Monday. I just had a conversation with my father and the last thing he said to me was 'Remember, I need some grandchildren Sarah. Hurry them up. Get married."

Dad, I understand your intent to see me happy, but really... REALLY? I have no sperm, for one. Then, I have no money, no self control and no patience. Sorry pops, but in the next 365 days I highly doubt that any fruit will be beared from these humble loins. Gross.

So I won't be adding to the population this year, but I sure as hell will be taketh-ing away. It was weird today as I prepared four bodies; two ladies and two men to be buried or cremated on my birthday. I'll be at work eating cakes and goodies and wearing a little celebratory pointy hat and they'll be heading six feet under. My happy day is their very very sad day. I've always thought of October 18 as the best day of the year but for Bruce, Betty, Jessica and Williams's families, the day will forever be marked by loss.

Happy new year, ol' body of mine.


  1. Happy Birthday for Monday Sarah.My gift to you is to let you know that the first thing I do each morning is turn on my computer and go to your blog as you always make me smile.You have a lot to offer this world and whatever ever path you are on,it is what you are meant to be following.What will be will be.Thankyou for the caring you give the dearly departed,the tears you make me cry and the smiles you bring to many.Have a great new year body of yours!

  2. Happy birthday Sarah, ignore the lack of loin fruit, that stuff will turn up later - really it will.
    Eddie x

  3. Everything that Debl said. Hope you had a wonderful day. Love your musing.