Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Post One Hundred and Fifteen: Tumours on A Tuesday.

I hate cancer.

My workmates and I can't make sense of it. We have all been inappropriately touched by it in some way or another, the filthy scumbag of a disease it is. Some of us at work have lost friends and family to the illness. It took my Aunty Katie, and my sister punched through it a couple of times. Even a couple of our favourite funeral workers are battling the illness and undergoing treatment themselves. A tip of the hat to you fellows, you are amazing and loved.

In some ways, I wish I didn't see dead people EVERY DAY. I am too used to cancer being final, as a witness to the wrong side of the diagnosis. I need to be exposed to the survivors that come out from the illness with their heads high and their realities realigned. My perceptions are inaccurate and it makes me feel gloomy.

Today I helped a number of people who died of cancer. I washed them, dressed them, and comforted them. Cancer schmanser, they got the deluxe treatment. If their ghosts were around I hope that they enjoyed the long awaited post-mortem pampering.

I hate cancer.

Peace and Hope.


  1. Cancer is an A grade asshat.
    My Nanny died from it last month, right before Christmas and my husband has it and will have it until the day he dies.

    Cancer is a top C.


  2. My Mum died of cancer and I was with her when she died from it. It sucked the life out of her. She was so tiny when she died. Having to buy her funeral clothes because she no longer owned any that would fit her was the hardest thing I had to do. Never got to see her look beautiful in them. Thanks for being so caring. xx

  3. i dont think there is anyone who see's that side of the disease, industry wise. Its because your nearly always in remissionand check up, active treatment or dead.

    Science contradicts itself and takes a century to shift focus to the obvious. No matter how much research you do you can barely trust any of it. People run relationships like they are going to live forever, when they know chances are they wont. Spend more time at work than any other single activity. And money makes no sense on top of everything. Smart people do dumb things. And then people complain that im frantic or scratch their heads when i cant get out of bed.

    Go figure.

  4. My girlfriend passed away from an aggressive cancer just before her 23rd birthday. The funeral parlor dressed her with care, brushed her wig, applied her makeup properly and made sure her fake eye-lashes were curled. That would have been important to her. It did make a small difference seeing that someone had looked after her with dignity and compassion.
    Thank you Sarah