Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Post One Hundred and Twenty One: We Totally Greened.

Something quite extraordinary is going to happen in the funeral business. A new and exciting frontier that is close to becoming a reality. IT'S BIO-CREMATION TIME YO!

You say "Wha???"

Bio-cremation is an environmentally focused “end of life” option for people choosing cremation over burial. I heard about this technology at a funeral industry convention, and during the presentation I had to restrain from jumping up on the table in wild and uncontrolled enthusiasm...I don't know why but something about this process feels inherently right. Maybe it's the fact that our traditionally sleepy industry is moving ahead alongside other industry initiatives and accepting the fact that we need to consider the Earth instead of trashing and rampaging it.

As far as I can tell, this technology is globally lead and trademarked to Matthews International Cremation Division, an American company that has had success within various U.S. state legislations to allow the process to be practised. It's an eye opening scientific process that will surely raise a few eyebrows, but all drastic change ruffles feathers, right?

Now forgive me, I am not great with scientific explanations but I'll give the concept a go. Cremation by definition is reducing the body to its basic elements of bone fragments through the use of heat. The Bio Cremation technology replaces the use of flame with the utilisation of water, blended with an alkali solution of potassium hydroxide. I know right! The steps involved are technical but not too overwhelming when explained well. I'll pop up a link and if you're interested and read all about it (I highly recommend you do!).

Anyway, this process is so environmentally-friendly because there are almost zero air emissions admitted into the atmosphere. The by-product (effluent) from is sent to water recycling where it is filtered, purified and recycled back to earth. Basically, our body is recycled and without harm to the environment. We return turn to the earth through a cycle of life, feeding trees and making stuff greener.

Hoorah! Oh, and there are you tube clips too, so you can learn just as much as I know. I wouldn't mind heading to the states and bringing the technology back to Australia, anyone feel like sponsoring??? I can only dream.

Peace. x


  1. The link to the BioCremation explanation is invalid, apparently.
    It kind of sounds a bit bodies-dissolved-in-a-barrell-ish.

  2. Hi I thought I saw there was one under way on the gold cost some time ago?

  3. God sounds terrible!! I was HORRIFIED to read this! I think cremation is sad enough, burning our loved ones like they are garbage, but at least you have somewhere to go and visit and leave flowers and spend time with your loved one. To be dissolved and pumped away like sewrage? Disgusting! Goes against everything I believe in! AND also doesnt leave your children or grandchildren anywhere to go and pay their respects and grieve, its like you never existed! No plaque, headstone, nothing?? NO! NO! NO!! Sooo wrong!! Although I do see the green side of it but NOOO!! We are human beings NOT rubbish!! To live and die and not even have a grave to show for it! So so sad....

  4. i always wanted to be just fish food ... but that's pretty difficult to organise (unless you've got a good idea of the day you're going to die! (and you buy a cheap (leaky) yacht!)). but i DO like the idea of re-cycling our metal bits ... "that hip replacement? oh that's uncle george's! the metal pin? aunty mabel's!" :)

  5. I'm not totally SOLD on the idea of being completely recycled... I kind of like the idea of having my ashes thrown into the wind of into the ocean somwhere, but I also see that the way we do it now isn't helping our planet and I guess that eventually we'll have to start building on the dead cause we'll run out of room to put them all... Ponder ponder ponder.

    A mate of mine once told me about a service where they strip you naked, wrap you in a heshian sack which they then drop you our of into the ground in a forrest... Porbably cheaper to get the grand kids to knock me on the head when I'm ready.

    Love ya work Sarah