Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Post One Hundred and Twenty Six: Perspective - The Ball Breaker.

I'm having a hard time. Being honest with yourself is a real b*stard of an experience really isn't it?.

This last week in particular has been challenging. I'm heartbroken. I'm miserable. I feel like crawling away into a cavern for a few months, letting my underarm hairs dread and my tear ducts open and stream continuously until my body is a withered empty and indecipherable membrane. A hairy one at that. Do we have caverns in Brisbane? Surely.

And then I stop and look at what is happening around me, in my hands and at my side. I'm not dead. My friends on my table most certainly are. They've had car accidents, heart attacks, cancers and strokes and all I have is a bruised and tender ego. Woe is NOT me.

The perspective I get as a mortician is a unique and precious job perk. I guess police and emergency service people would understand it too. Even when I'm sad, other people are much much sadder with due reason. I am not as lost as I feel.

Peace and love (and a promise for something uplifting next time),


  1. You know what? Sometimes a good bit of honesty about your lows in your life are uplifting in their own way. It's makes us feel ok about having them too. Like you, we have to look for positives and get on with things, but it's nice to know it's not just us having to do that.

    I hope the fair breezes of joy are in your realm again soon.

  2. The Dalai Lama Says...

    "When things are desperate, there is no need to pretend that everything is beautiful."

    Wallow for a bit, Sarah. ((Hugs))