Saturday, December 22, 2012

Post One Hundred and Ninety Six: Here I Am.

I get it. Or as much as there is to be got on being miserable, I took as battle wound.

A constant, I wept as a widow does.

Like the obscene Vatican Fountain, my tears fell. For all who passed by to see, splashing down with intensity as if falling from a giant's cheek. Yet for what was spent in construction, and the toll was considerable, not a soul was fed by these tears. Nobody healed. My energy atrophied.

So I sat. And I thought. And there is only one way to go. And that is on with it.
To continue in being miserable is to ignore what I know and to thus miss the entire point of it all.

"Only by embracing all that you regret and not denying it, only by placing the highest value on what you've gained because of all that you have lost, does regret lose the ability to cripple you." 
- Augusten Burroughs. (He said this because he is awesome).

Dear Self: Change things and see what happens. As the days develop, so should you.


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  1. Sounds right to me; "There is only one way to go and that is ON." I love that. Thank you for putting those words one behind the next and germinating that thought in to fruition. It resonates.