Saturday, September 19, 2015

Post Two Hundred and Twenty Eight: The Couch

I expected that I'd be writing forever here, y'know, and then one day I just stopped. I'm not sure whether it was too uncomfortable or embarrassing, maybe I felt like an imposter in my own home, but I lost connection to the blog that was started so long ago under such different circumstances. It's like picking up a diary from school and following on without break in the ink. And I cringe, yet I yearn for a similar expressive space.

I don't miss the mortuary. I do, however, miss the sense of purpose the job provided. The reward was rich, and helping the dead made things more interesting than now. There was a strong sense of duty and an element of selflessness that seems lost in the wider business operations.

I am only now coming to realise that in losing my daily dedication, I have been in mourning.

People poo-poo dwelling in the past. I can understand why, but I figure that if you haven't quite nabbed why you're feeling a little lost, maybe the past isn't a bad place to visit so that you can wrap up the ends.

I like remembering where I was when I first started writing on the blog, even if the memories are tinged with sadness.

In the beginning I'd ride my girlfriend's bike home from work, take a shower and plonk on the couch with the laptop. Every day I'd rush to write an entry so that by the time she came home I'd have something to show her. When the relationship ended I painted a world that was unshaken, but it was far from the truth, and writing from other couches and with other people wracked me with guilt. The blog brought me other people, but never a sense of pride.

The years passed and naturally the entries stacked so as to follow days, but I've been writing from a distance, away from the couch.

I have been in mourning.


  1. it's nice you're 'back' ... your writing has always felt like it's coming from the centre of you, and i (and others too i guess) have always felt it's real. if it's raw for you to re-read them - i understand that, however that is the thing that touches me.

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    1. Why would anyone want anyone who is crawling 'back', or anywhere else. Let alone 'need'.

      On knees: Alright, sometimes. Obviously. Still, not bad writing for a bot.

      Your 2017 writing is really crisp. And the last 2 from 2015 have a nice resonance.

      It always had a nice personal scent in here, not unlike reading someone's diary. Not thatI would! I would.

      You have honed wordsmithery to forge without a furnace and bellows. It is impressive.

      Well, maybe still bellows. There always has to be a fire, even a cold one. Certainly any hammering is absent, most assuredly.

      Writing tersely calls different aspects out to play. I can see the benefit.

      Especially for crafting performance. Inspiring words to use their stage-space and allotted time within a recompense economy.

      Short pieces are made to be read.