Friday, May 21, 2010

Post One: The Joyous On Call Slog of a Funeral Director

Ah, a new blog. At least you don't have to sit and try to figure out my handwriting. Hoorah! At first my writing would be pretty and precise like the initial pages in a primary school exercise book, but after the first couple of entries most people would no doubt give up on my scrawl. I think people's handwriting says a fair amount about their personalities...which reminds me...choosing a font on the computer is interesting too. In my opinion most fonts are shit. Font people need to do some serious work. I think they are the people responsible for printing southern cross and frangipani bumper stickers. Correct me if I'm wrong but this is just an observation. Woah, major divergance...

Anyway, to the main point of this blog, I propose to blog about the comings and goings of the Brisbane funeral industry. Moreover, I'm a young mortician thats pretty much bored of having too many stories and no one alive around me to talk to during business hours (A bit of an exageration, but really, a lareg percentage of the funeral workers I know aren't too lively themselves). PLEASE NOTE: CO-WORKERS don't take offence, y'all are aight with me.

Damn it....I'm on call and someone just died...gotta go pick them up. See, this would be the rushed part where my handwriting would traditionally become doctor like.



  1. Post script: Please note, I can be serious. I will never divulge any personal or sensitive information about the nature of my business or any deceased individuals. I hold the utmost respect for the families I deal with and will maintain confidentiality at all times. My intention is to shed light on humanity and death, not on specifics. Cheers! Woooo hooo! ra ra ra.

  2. Gogogadget moodfont.

    You know, the kind of font that senses how you're feeling from the way you type and adjusts accordingly.

  3. I love the premise of this blog and the entries so far. You go girl (or something like it). As a fellow Brisvegan Blogger, I salute you!

    P.S. I always have problems with the 'spaces between paragraphs' thing too. Sometimes if you go in and edit it in the HTML section, it works a little better. Good luck!

  4. thanks man! Bris-vegan?!? as in, no meat? Sweet! I'll check it out :)