Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Post Three: This ship was built to last.

I'm keeping this post short and I intend it to be sweet.

Eulogies. I love them.

It seems that there is a stock standard format that some eulogies follow. Generally this type of eulogy will cover the 'essential' checklist of birthdate, one or two childhood memories, marriage(s), occupation and sometimes a favourite pastime. I'm not knocking these memoirs, however my favourite funerals to go to are the ones in which I learn unique things about the deceased, true gems of intimacy that not only enlighten me on the life of the person I got to know on the mortuary slab, but give me a little slice of wisdom to use in my daily life that I only moments before didn't have.

My favourite eulogy so far was delivered by an elderly mans best friend. They had been best mates for about 40 years and not only was the delivery throughout unfaltering and entertaining, humourous and insightful, but the old man unashamedly shed a tear at the conclusion. He farwelled his friend respectfully and thoughtfully and it made me blubber.

I'm a stupidly awkward person and not terribly sentimental, but I hope I convey to my friends how much I enjoy their company. It took me a long time to find people that I am not only comfortable around but I genuinely think they are pretty cool. Hurrah! I don't want to wait until some horrible tradgedy or illness to tell my friends that I think they're awesome. So to you, thank you, I love you, and don't die.

Enough said. xoxoxoxo

P.S. I also love The Duke Spirit. Listen to them. Sexy sounds.

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