Monday, June 27, 2011

Post One Hundred and Thirty: Weird Food.

I had a really awesome dream last night. Alarmingly, my dream was so captivating that I slumbered with my body weight stacked on my right arm. I woke up freaking out that my arm was unusually numb; could aliens have exchanged my flapper for a long fat rubber one? It took me a couple of minutes to shake the delusion and waggle the blood back into my digits.

Anyway, the dream was pretty stupid. I was writing this blog in the dream, and then I decided to write another blog. The new blog was called something like "Weird Food" and I just wrote a heap of weird funny shit about eating. It's probably something I should look into. I love eating, I love gross things, so this all seems like a natural progression.

I'm back to work tomorrow. Heading back into the mortuary after a couple of days of fresh air is always a struggle. The smells, oh the smells!

Keep safe,

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