Sunday, June 26, 2011

Post One Hundred and Twenty Nine: System Failure - My Personal Imbroglio.

I'm not a smoker (So, self, WHY ARE YOU SMOKING?). Foolery.

I'm currently making bad decisions on a dependable and consonant inventory. It must be that forces are aligning quietly to make me as emotionally uncomfortable and privately unstable as possible. I threw my last dollar for the week on black and lost. I mixed a lot of red wine with a lot of gin, three nights in a row. I lost my soup. I also lost my iPhone, my only connection to the internets and my valued human population, because I didn't take a bag out. Lesson learned that stockings cannot support 137grams of expensive telecommunications.

I'm in Perth presently for the annual Australian Institute of Embalmers Conference. It has been a weekend full of swan river cruising, ruinous buffet gormandizing and wild west fancy dressings. As well as ungovernable, shiraz fuelled social events we attended day time educational sessions covering topics such as facial reconstruction, the effects of chemotherapy on embalming and death close to birth. My observations are thus: Embalmers are amazing. Warm, funny, outgoing and honest. It was a conference of passionate professionals who know stupid amounts of information about very intriguing things, and I love that I can work in close association with them. I may even certify some time!

I'm now making use of this computer, it's free and it's lovely. Perhaps my luck is changing? Maybe I'll walk out into the lobby and Lindsay Lohan will be there, winking at me and offering a cigarette.

Peace x

Also, this happened.

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