Sunday, June 19, 2011

Post One Hundred and Twenty Eight: Stripped.

An open letter to the universe:

Dearest Universe,

Please provide.

It is a sad day. I am computerless. Without ownership of a beloved techno-gadget to connect, collaborate and entertain. And blog. Gah!

I haven't owned one in about five years. I've always lived in shared accomodation and have thus mooched of others for the commodity. I'm out on my own now in the big scary world and thus have no computer, no spider killing skills, no pegs and no dish cloths. The spiders I can kill with kindness, the last two things I can afford, just, but the computer is going to take a long time and preeminantly lots and lots of death. I need overtime. I need my second job back. I need a lotto ticket.

Maybe, just maybe, something will fall off the back of a truck. Maybe, just maybe, it'll be an Apple iMac. Maybe a mega huge one. (It'll probably be a cheap notebook on clearance at Tandy with sticky keys and a cracked screen).

Sorry for all you blog thirsty readers, I'll try as often as I can to continue mooching off others until I buy something. I also promise to write more about the crazy things that have been

Until then, Peace.

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