Saturday, July 23, 2011

Post One Hundred and Thirty Seven: Early Exit.

I think about suicide plenty. I know I've written about it before, but this week too many pretty boys and girls checked out for me to not feel something.

I understand why people kill themselves and I see how they do it. I'm tired of hearing the same old cliches. It's not a selfish act, nor is it a sign of cowardice. I accept that, if nothing else, suicide is an indication of a deep hurt, resiliance beaten, and a view obscured by suffering and affliction.

I understand why those left behind are angry. It's hard to accept that someone would throw away their healthy body, one with value in moments still left to live if only the unhealthy and tired mind could heal. After suicide, the family and friends have to deal with all the shit while the corpse just gets to be dead and rot. Gone, and no longer.

Things can get better. Things do improve and pain can be lifted. If only malaise could be cured for everyone with music, booty and cookies. In that order. Just saying, it helps someone I know.

My next birthday candle blowout will be dedicated to wondrously preventing some young folk from making a pre-emptive exit strategy. I don't know how, but it could work. I never did get that birthday anaconda though.

Peace. x

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  1. Apart from thinking its a permanent solution to a temporary problem, I usually pass on the story from the Vic bushfires. The father/husband who went off to help, and came back to find his house, wife and kids were no longer. This man who lost everything he had except for the clothes on his back got up the next morning and somehow kept going. If he can do it, everyone can.
    I am a half full person, but when someone takes away the cup.... This man defies words.