Monday, July 11, 2011

Post One Hundred and Thirty Three: Footloose.

This whole entry may have been a calculated excuse to post a picture of Kevin Bacon. And no, he isn't dead. I just feel restless; footloose even.

I'm a buzzing bag of agitation and I can't find a way to safely release this nervous energy without looking completely perturbed. I could try streaming TLC music clips over and over again but a girl has to work sometimes, right? (RIP Left eye).

Winter is crazy time for morticians and this season is no exception. If I take too much time out of the mortuary the bodies stack up, almost literally.

I wish there was a less dicky word for meditation. I need some time to chill and take stock of stuff. That's meditation minus the hooey as far as I can tell. I feel like my eyes are peeled for opportunity but the opportunity wagon has detoured my street. Patience doesn't come easily to me, a self-pitying harbinger of reality.

Any suggestions?



  1. Even if you can get away to the beach for a weekend and go for long walks,it really helps clear your mind.I find Caloundra great as has long walking tracks along the shore line and is beautiful in the early morning.There you can escape your world and let peace come into your mind.From there anything is possible.xox