Thursday, January 6, 2011

Post One Hundred and Seven: Movie Night Tonight?

I'm not going to make a dick of myself and attempt to be the next David or Margaret but I have to write briefly about a movie I watched last night.

'Departures' is the Japanese film that won the Oscar in 2009 for Best Foreign Language Film. Directed by Yojiro Takita it also won a gazillion other awards (and most rightly so). Centered around a super sexy yet adorably awkward young guy, the plot shows his embarkment into a career preparing the dead for funerals.

There are moments that are a tiny bit cringe-worthy and usually overly emotional films turn me off, but something about the extended gazes and sentimental moments make this film more charming. If you want to learn about Japanese cultural traditions regarding death I strongly recommend this little gem to you. It reconfirmed my aspirations and connection to my profession and that is nothing to sneeze at.

See it chumps. xx


  1. i watched this last night (largely because you recommended it) ... it's a fab. little flick isn't it?

    i loved the sequence behind the closing credits, he must have practiced it for ages to get it so 'pat' (unless every japanese person knows it!).

  2. there's a new film by Vincent Gallo called Promises Written In Water, where he plays a mortician. It played at the venice film fest last year, and sounds interesting. I love your blog btw, Sarah.

  3. wow, what a strange synchronicity. This review mentions "Departures". A review of the Gallo film.