Sunday, January 23, 2011

Post One Hundred and Twelve: The Beginning.

It has started. The self replenshing coat of hair on my body has started to infiltrate the money maker. I found a rogue hair on my chin, and this guy wasn't pretty. A demon spawn of shiny black protein.

Before working in the mortuary I had some pretty lousy body image hang ups. I was just like any 20 something female, crawling out of the teen year trenches with mental bruises from pressures to be something other than what I am. My job then provided me with evidence to the odd addage "There's always someone worse off than you." It's fair to say that I'd rather have white skin and dark pubes than to be dead on a slab with white skin and dark pubes. Or just dead with any hair-istcal features.

Anyway, Sarah Silverman often talks about how hairy she is and she's still cool. (She doesn't look TOO hairy to me however.) It makes me feel a little better knowing that she shares the same miscreant enemy and might spend a small fortune on such hasty removal. If I ever find out that her claims are just a jab at her jewishness I'll be pretty dejected.

I wonder if this little hair was a reminder from God-o-evolutionary that however immature I might feel, 26 is definately in grown up territory. Will I blink and lose my bladder control? How long have I got until it's publicly acceptable to fart in public?



  1. Hats off Sah...... Your best work yet! I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks of my own nakedness on the slab one day...... Creeps me out too!..... The simple things really, like will my bikini line be freshly done, or will I be wearing the dreaded winter lamb chops????

  2. haha money maker i immediately thought inner snatch. Am i right bois? But seriously tho, your beard does look a little unkempt in that photo. Tit hair looks good tho (Y). You know societies age claws are beginning to cluch at you when you begin refer to your self as "20 something". It means the more benign "early 20's" is too close to mid+. Silverman defo has that dark hair issue, i reckon you can tell. Holy crap your 26!!! Mind blowing. The world is such a different place in my head.

  3. I'm 36 and have spent a decade hunting and plucking those errant hairs. The good news is that they have become no more frequent in that time.

  4. hello,

    i have a rather randomn question that i would like to ask.. i just came across this image of the hairy ginger guy, and was wanting to know where you found it? i am absolutely fascinated.