Thursday, January 27, 2011

Post One Hundred and Thirteen: Alcohol - Friend or Foe?

Word of advice for any aspiring morticians out there - NEVER EVER go to work hung over. Ever.

It's cruel to put yourself through the pain. Body bag experience one: gangrenous stump. Body bag experience two: stale urine soaked hair. And as the shift rolls on the cases don't ever get easier. When your stomach is already waving the white flag it takes an iron will to not end up on the grimey floor in tears rocking back and forth...

Yesterdays Australia Day celebrations consisted of a kiddie pool, great company, plentiful sangria and uninspiring radio programming. We debated whether or not alcohol was a help or a hinderence to creative writing. Personally, I love the honesty that only being totally messed up can bring. Even though I'm a miserable drunk, more relaxed inhibitions for someone with social anxieties isn't a bad thing. It's the whole Yerkes-Dodson Law I guess.

Another friend, a super smart and sassy young lass, says that she never writes drunk. Good writing takes concentration and skill and in her opinion alcohol just makes you sound like a sloppy idiot.

Alcohol. I love it. I also hate it. (This is the best I can do whilst hung over like a mofo...)



  1. Bah! I have this vodka! Favourite. Oh and I vote to write while drunk.

  2. You can write drunk, but it takes a lot of editing tomo. You end up with about an 8th i find. Yerkes dobson aside, Socrates said it first in plato, or it could have been pascal idk right now and im not googling but it was something to the effect of give a man too much or too little wine and both will hinder the search for truth. You should youtube Tim minchins 9 min beat poem feet perhaps as well, there are drinking and answers there and you will like it, i know you will.