Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Post One Hundred and Something: Dead People - Wholeheartedly Rejecting 2011.

I'm back, reluctantly. I love the mortuary but the Christmas and New Year break did me well. Pity brisbane pissed its sky-pants the whole time causing me to go stir crazy indoors...but it was glorious. Sorry for the blog break!

It's an interesting phenomenon but all morticians agree on the observation...the week before Christmas the fridge gets really quite and then BANG, everyone dies after Santa visits. It's almost as if Santa himself takes the grim reapings along with the cookies and milk. We think that maybe the human spirit kicks in and people on their death bed hang on to so they can spend the day with their families. The hopeful spirit sees the clock pass by Jebus's birthday and then POW, straight in the kisser. I'd say we get a 20% increase, and thats certainly statistically significant from what I can remember from my cloudy uni brain.

So, the last few days I've been trocar savvy. Staff is also at skeleton crew (puntastic!). A few fun moments have been had in between the insanity. One such experierince: I buried a man in an amazing pink one piece jumpsuit today, pretty much made my life complete.

Hope the resolutions have been set and the year has rolled off to a...rolling start?

Peace. x


  1. A pink jumpsuit of his choice or yours? A-mazing!

  2. I think you may be correct about your post-Christmas-keelin'-over stat. We've been keeping stats over the last few years at my workplace, and we find that the workload significantly increases during January.
    Here in Victoria, we've also got another weird data spike - people hang on until just after the Grand Final, them BAM. Talk about regional variations...