Monday, June 21, 2010

Post Twelve: Anyone but Bill Murray!

Mondays, hey. Balls!

I didn't write much last week as both my computer and Brisbane's elder folk were dying. Over Thursday and Friday I prepared about 32 people...imagine if they turned into zombies! A zombie herd, out to get me because I stitched their mouths too tight and filled their bums with cotton! If I was undead I'd be pretty pissed!

Anyway, as for the computer, it's not even mine. I am 25 years of age with a university degree and a full time job and I can't even afford my own computer. It's a pitiful situation. This laptop apparently used to be shiny and rad but now it takes about 45 minutes to power up and double that time to load a web page. I am a dedicated ebayer and social networking stalker so this pains me. Alack, the day that I do buy a computer will be a glorious one indeed!

Cutting to the chase of this post, I had a dead person in the mortuary today that was the absolute doppelganger of Bill Murray. Wait, does a doppelganger have to be a celebrity? If this is true, then it was Bill Murray's reverse doppelganger. Freakishly so. It was amazing. As a fan of Bill's I was both super happy and super sad that this man was dead. I mean, I was happy that I got to see the likeness, but obviously sad that he was dead. It also reminded me that Bill Murray will one day die too....unless he turns into a zombie re: Zombieland.
Something else really cool happened today. Another deceased man came into the mortuary with a joker card in his hand. I mean, did he die with it in his clutches, or did someone with a wry sense of humour pop it in before he was carted away? And why?!?! I was super intruiged and, as always, bereft of any facts....
Peace. x

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