Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Post Five: Heads and shoulders, knees and toes!

You can now refer to me as R30-267-286. Can a number be sexy? I think this one is? Is that weird?

Unfortunately I'm not a cyborg, but I am a registered australian organ donor. That number is my body number, THEY ID YOUR REMAINS! Awesomeness huh!

Anyway, from my experience in the funeral industry I've decided that when you're gone, you're gone. Not that this is an excuse to simply discard or mistreat a persons remains! I'm not all crazy and mean to my customers.. (customers??? clients???? patients????). Even though it is our vessel on Earth and we should respect it, I ultimately think that it's a waste to burn it or dump it in the ground without taking the good bits to help others if and when we can.

A few years back I was really interested in the philosophical meditations of Descartes and other classical and contemporary readings. If you don't know Descartes, borrow a book off me. We can have philosophy dates and drink mojitos and talk soul stuff. Anyway, It got me all confused on the soul and on the nature of the human mind and the more I read, the less I seemed certain of (I'm sure this is the case with most non-discreet scientific things anyway). I've never been a religious person, although I like to learn about people's beliefs and motivations towards their faith, and I think my inquisitiveness into what happens after death benefits from me coming from a place where I can examine all readings and decide differing truths for myself.

I can't remember where I was going with this. I was just excited about my body number really. And, as most philosphical things tend to do, I got off track and confused. If you want to become an organ donor or just learn a little more about it, visit www.meidcareaustralia.gov.au/organ to get your own dead digits. I am donating everything in the event of my untimely exit, but you can choose what organs you want to share if you're a little weird about having someone else wearing your eyes or if you can't stand the thought of being boned. hahahaha get it. boned.


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  1. that link is spelt wrong. its www.medicareaustralia.gov.au/organ. i'm wrong you're right.