Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Post Eighty-Five: Damned if You Do.

I shouldn't read the newspaper. It's that simple. Or at least, any stories to do with dead Brisbanites. Sometimes there's information on the googler that I just don't want to have googled.

I found out today that I am going to receive into my care the body of a child that I have been reading about in the news. From all the reports, this death is truly tragic. Heartbreaking stuff, and something that I am sincerely going to struggle with. When I read something that is emotionally draining, sometimes I can't pull myself away from learning more and more. It's whack.

It reminds me of a case of mine about a year ago, in which a woman aged 23 had committed suicide. I found her appareance shockingly like mine, and I stupidly committed a cardinal sin of undertaking a facebook search for her. I wanted to know what her profile pictures were, I wanted to know what her friends looked like and mostly I wanted to know if people were still writing on her webby-wall-thing. Did people know that she'd even died? When I looked, the day I prepared her, no one had written anything on her wall. It pained me and it haunts me. (And it also confirms that you should keep your facey page private unless you want your mortician snooping out your stories...).

I will never cross that line again.

Above all, this whole death scene reminds me that the teeny weeny hiccups that I face in my life are BULLSHIT. I don't know the pain of grim realities. And for this, I can only be appreciative to lady luck and her wonderous ways.

RIP young one. x


  1. Isn't it awful though that it takes something so sad to make us realise that those "teeny weeny" things are just hiccups. It's such a cliche but you really should live life to the full. I love your words.

  2. There is a lot more to the story than meets the eye. In many ways his early departure will save a lot of trouble and heartache for that family.

  3. Aw heart breaking. It does keep normal life in check when faced with these little ones.