Sunday, November 14, 2010

Post Eighty-Nine: How Far Can I Go?

I'm sensing the need rising. Go. Do. See. Feel. If the corpses could talk to me, live through me, what would they urge?

I asked a dead man today but his fixed and dilated moon gazers admitted nothing. What help was he, other than acting as the reminder in focus that in the end we're just skin and bones and all alone. I guess thats help enough. Another post-it note opportunity for some emotional reconnaissance.

Why do I feel the need to run if being alone is not the goal? Dead of Brisbane, answer me this!

Peace. (And help me find mine...)


  1. As a nurse I have worked with thousands of people over the years.Now I am retired I can say I have learnt one thing about life I am sure about.No matter where we are in our life,at sometime, we ALL will wonder what if.Those who married young think should I have waited and lived more life before settling down.Those who started a family later think should I have done it sooner.Those who gave up family for career think should I have had children.Those of us who have had children think have I done the right thing and am I good enough at this.etc etc.So dear sweet caring Sarah please dont waste your life continously searching for the right path to follow or wondering if you are doing the right thing at this moment because we are all doing what we are meant to be doing at this time and all for a reason.I wish for you to see how much good you are doing and how much comfort you are bringing to so many families out there.It will all come back to you in so so many ways.Thats how life works.Just wait for it and enjoy the journey along the way to your future.Its the only way to find peace.What really matters is that we need to be able to stand in front of the mirror and be proud of the person we see.Sarah you can stand and be proud of the compassionate person who stares back at you.That can only bring good to your life in the long run.And when things get rough remember without the bad we wouldnt be able to appreciate the good.Dont think too much.Just enjoy the journey that will come Sarah.I wish you all the best.You deserve it.You are a rare gem.

  2. Oh gosh! What a lovely reply, and a reminder I needed, thank you Deb!

  3. If you're gonna run, I recommend Africa.