Monday, November 22, 2010

Post Ninety-One: Ain't Love the Darndest Thing

Hark! I've got a zany story for you, and the tale isn't an isolated case either.

Double services usually are held for multiple family members who die in accidents and tragedies. Every now and again however, people die of a broken heart. Of course it doesn't say 'broken heart' on their death certificate as the official cause of death, but we recently had a husband and wife duo who passed away within hours of each other, one in hospital and the other at home upon learning the news...and you tell me that heartbreak isn't deadly!

Family members reported that it seemed the pain and suffering ate away at the widows will to keep living. Fittingly, as close as they were in life they were in death and their funeral services were joined. It's interesting to think that all that keeps someone living is the notion that they are living on Earth WITH someone they love. Woah right! I wonder if they got stomach aches or indigestion when they were pissed off with each other?

I can't imagine how it would feel to lose your best friend, your closest companion. Someone you build a life with; kids, houses, super funds and passport stamps. So much shared, and to know it all passes. And then, there's death.

To understand love as matrimony, must you also understand death?



  1. My Aunty and Uncle were married for 60 years when he died. She still talks to him a lot when she wanders around the house. So, so sad, she just can't really live a life that doesn't have him in it.

  2. My grandparents passed within 4 months of each other nearly to the day, it's amazing to think you can be married for 60+ years and still be so in love that you can not literally live without each other...

  3. Survival experts rate the will to live as one of the most important aspects. Having a loved one pass away before your eyes probably puts a massive dent in this. When my gran died my grandad went in a steep decline for 6 months and we all thought he was due, happily he went thru a new lease of life and became a new man for many years later on :)