Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Post Ninety-Two: A Mouth Full of Mushy Peas.

I've seen some pretty horrendous things. Chilling, Disgusting, gag-worthy things. Yet, I generally only get close to a vomit when I'm faced with the considerable lack of personal hygeine that some (not all) people have in their last years/months/weeks/days.

I'm well aware that when people get older, they get kind of grosser. It's unfair, but completely understandable. I'm not picking on senior citizens here. What I am reporting is the toenail fungus people, the cellulitus people and the filthy rotten teeth people. The younger generation that die because, well, they didn't look after themselves?!?

Today I copped a doozy that left me running for the sink...

It was time for a resident of ours to be prepared. She'd been dead for well over a fortnight and she was starting to get a little on the nose. This didn't put me off so much, until I opened her mouth to clean and realised that she'd been eating mushy peas just before she'd died and her mouth was full to the brim.

I was astounded. It definately wasn't phlegm, as is often the case when people die from pneumonia. It was peas; some mushed and some in unchewed solid form. Then, when I tried to brush her teeth clean I could feel them wobbling and rotten under the bristles. Blurgh!

On another equally gross topic, why do some people never cut their toenails? Add that to the flaky and soggy foot skin, boob rashes and butt bandaids. I can take the gory stuff anyday, but general grossness...

Not a fan really.

Peace. x


  1. Butt Bandaids?? What are they???

  2. The sad truth is lots of people cant keep up their general care due to disease,depression,old age etc.After working in nursing homes for years I would often see people admitted into our care with toenails so long they would curl over and painfully dig into the bottoms of their feet.But the saddest thing was not just the ones who couldnt reach their toes or cut their finger nails or clean themselves due to arthritis etc, but the ones who had family who just couldnt be bothered to do it for them or who just didnt care enough to check.It never failed to break my heart.

  3. our job is to care, not critisise or judge, we are privelidged to be entrusted by the loved ones of a person they care so much about- to give them the care,pampering and dignity they deserve........dont forget that sarah :)

  4. Woah now! You know I care, just as you do. I think it's fair to say that some things we see aren't pretty and that's just an honest reflection. Even if someones junky is funky they still get looked after by us :)

  5. Obviously morticias webb hasnt read your previous blogs Sarah or she would realise what a very caring person you are.From reading your entries I know you treat each and every person with dignity.Just because you post your feelings you should not be put down.After all,we are all human beings with feelings before we are our professions.

  6. We know you well, we know you care, as we all do. Working along side you, its obvious. We would never put you down, you know that! We just hope no one misinterprates our passion and care with repultion.