Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Post Eighty-Six: Kill This Day!

I'm blogging tonight with a gin and tonic in hand. I enjoy a drink or two, but I don't often sink multiple spirits on week nights (spirits of the alcoholic type, not the boogey ones).

Please excuse my language, but this day has been a right fuck.

There must be something going on with the planets. I'm going to google it. Funeral directors must be more receptable to this celestial rukus because we have contact with the 'other side'...it makes sense right? Anyway, my entire workplace feels like a warzone because of the tensions running through the staffing. I don't know if the whole pre-christmas hatred is setting in, or if the paint fumes from the current renovations are making the bunch volatile...but something is up. I'm happy to supply those little chinese stress ball things. We need to increase the peace!

How do you deal with a funeral arranger that doesn't seem to think that the deceased persons suit is vital in the 'dressing' process? Or the arranger who thinks that transferring the deceased into our care is a procedure that can be done without people to carry the body????

Come on people, get yer shit together! Massage some balls.

Peace. x


  1. I have heard this from a few people now - that the planets must be unaligned because shit seems to be going down left right and centre:-(
    Hope things clear up for you little miss :-)
    Maybe we could swim it out tonight? x

  2. hey lady! can't swim, not because I 'can't swim' but because I am predestined to spend alot of dollars at JB tonight as a little sress relief. New music splurge! Next week?

  3. Maybe this is a little naive, but how do they expect to move the bodies if not to have them carried in body bags? And how can anyone not know how important the final outfit is to the family! Especially if they are having a viewing or an open casket.... Wow....

  4. I just realised im reading recent posts. This month has been the worst even by my already always fed up standards. There has been 3 semi shifts in a row, and each seems to lead to a new cycle of new energies making the same patterns, like a gear wont change.