Sunday, December 12, 2010

Post Ninety-Seven: Blog Party!

I realised today that it's almost been a year since my good friend Gus convinced me to think about writing a blog. I've said this previously, but it was during a sunny, punch fuelled Australia day bbq that the idea was first conceived. I think I might show you what the day looked like so you can visualise....

....yup. I'm rocking the sensible brimmed hat and the penis cup...

Anyway, It was a great day and a great idea. Many a win has been borneth from this very blog. Because of it's success, I feel that I need to celebrate the blogs anniversary with a killer blog party. It did strike me though that I should probably wait until the official one year birthday (May 21st), as you don't really celebrate someones birthday on the day their mum and dad shared sexy times.

So, you (dear reader) need to prepare for May 21st. It's a long way away, but food for thought. I'd really like to see a couple of bands, maybe even the debut of the man band, in a rollerskating rink? Or, as will probably happen, a Brisbane venue with plenty of ale and space for a polka.

If there are any Brisbane bands that a) have tambourine girls b) use castanets or c)want to play at my party for free/for limited booze/for my appreciation then drop me an email. I'd (probably) love to have you.

Peas. x


  1. I would be willing to fly up for that party. I love your blog.
    Love Mrs Woog

  2. Well Mrs Woog, consider yours ticket number 001!

  3. Sign me up - as soon as sends me an email you've posted, I rush over and read. Hands down the best blog I follow. Julia