Sunday, December 19, 2010

Post One Hundred and Two: She is Very Busy and Important.

There really are some awesome people in the world. I recently met one such individual via this very bloggy blogs.

Her name is Sophie Benjamin, a Toowoombite (?) who knows how to use scholarly words in a funny and thought provoking way. For some reason Sophie was inspired to use her talents to write about me and my funerary endevours in her very own zine, 'I am very busy and important.'

I think you should probably check out her website @ It will enrich your life.

Buy her zine (It's 2.50 clams) and read about media moguls, moving to Toowoomba and wolf wisdom. And a four page article about me! Hoorah!

Hello new fellow writer friend! Bravo! Exclamation!!!


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  1. Is this article available online yet?... I really wanna read it.