Thursday, December 16, 2010

Post One Hundred: (Cripes) How Am I Faring?

Happy One Hundredth Post Day Blog-A-Log! (I expect a letter from the Queen.) I will accept forgeries.

So today I'm up and about early because I have two very exciting tasks ahead of me:

1) Performance Appraisal Day: Most jobs have them, and believe it or not morticians have an annual performance review as well. We are self rated on all of our skills and job requirements and then the results are discussed with our supervisors and managers.

Things like our ability to display grief and empathy are observed, as is our precision and attention to detail in facial preperation, our ability to encoffin....It's all very much job specific. It all makes me realise that if I was to enter another industry things would be very very different.

2) Secret Santa Day: Funeral Directors share the best secret santas. Most of the time it's funny jokey stuff, but last year there were some pretty sweet kris kringles floating around. I'm keen for some booze, but we'll see what lady luck brings.

Happy friday, I've got to find some socks!



  1. Happy one hundredth.I have read everyone of them and enjoyed them all.I would like to say one hundred thankyous Sarah for taking the time to share but most of all one hundred thankyous for the many smiles you give to brighten my days.

  2. we are very pleased! (it's only slightly forged)