Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Post Seventy-Three: When The Flood Comes.

I love the rain.

There is something really special about working in a mortuary while it's storming outside. It sounds strange, but the room takes on a different feel. It's quite beautiful. The rain was percussion on the garage roof and my thoughts were a little melody I guess. To make it even better, today I was given a copy of a CD to listen to while I worked. My new friends at the Guitar Repairers in Red Hill said that I'd fall in love with an artist named Gillian Welsh....and an apt assumption they did make!

Holy amazing, her album 'The Revelator' combined with the rain made my afternoon spectacular. You know, when you have those moments where everything seems to be perfect because you accept the universe's riddles? I was working on a beautiful looking little old lady, I was alone with sweet sweet tunes and I sorted out some anxieties in my mind. Thank you clarity!

The afternoon went as described until I realised that our garage had started to flood. My co-workers and I had to rush around to move out three hearses to higher ground and relocate some coffins off of low racks so that nothing could be water damaged. You see, the entrance to the garage is pretty much in a ditch so water flows in pretty badly, tsunami style. Let's just hope I don't get a phone call in the middle of the night saying that the mortuary has started to flood and we need to move our lovely patrons to another location. I think there's about 10 guests in my hotel so that will be a mission!



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  1. Not to mention the explaining that would have to go down if your guests take to the streets. I love a good storm too, looks like we are in for some top ones this year :)