Thursday, September 23, 2010

Post Seventy-Two: Interview With A Vampire, Maybe?

Hey Y'all.

Check this out!

A lovely lass from JCU decided she wanted to write about me. Go team! You'll find what she wanted to say at the link above.

Be safe this weekend ok...I just looked after a young man that, if he wasn't a corpse, I would probably fall in love with. Pity he had too much fun last weekend....

BE SAFE!!!!!!


  1. Wow Sarah... I heard you on jjj in july (I think) and it's taken me a while but tonight i have read all 71 of your posts - i couldn't stop. I have venetian blinds in my eyes from the white on black but that didn't stop me from laughing and crying and enjoying the whole darn lot!
    Your lovely followers' comments have been great to read too.

    When I was in primary school a funeral home was built across the road. Some parents were up in arms because they thought it was inappropriate, one mum even took her 3 kids out of the school. My (rather sensible) mum organised for me and my 2 sisters to go on a tour of the funeral parlour. Death is a part of life and having the understanding about what happens when people die and where they go to get 'made up' made death less 'scary'. Good on my mum. It was sad to see the little coffins though...

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and enjoy Mariachi El Bronx - 'I Would Die For You' is my fave!

  2. Brea, thats one of my favs too! Gah, I'm so excited. I want to interview the guys from The Bronx and post it on this blog...I wonder if I can organise that?

    Thanks a heap, you're too kind!
    P.S. Your mum sounds awesome, I love that she just wanted to dispel the scary stuff about death! Go Brea's mum!