Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Post Sixty-Three: Business As Usual

Today was fantastic!

You can probably see from these pictures that I didn't have a lot of work to do so it was a chance for me to take a breather!

I dressed myself head to toe in mega huge bubble wrap, complete with asian style hat, slinky dress and shoulder wrap. It was a hit with the manager FO SHO!

Then I pretty much ran around writing funny things on things for the majority of the afternoon. Isn't it funny that there is seriously a brand of eucalytus oil called double d. A drop is great on a face mask to hide malodours, but double d boobs are also great!

Yay for nonsense days, even morticians need them to unwind!

Oh, and I saw a vintage pair of high heels that were branded 'Pennywise'. Awes!

Peace and relaxation


  1. 'the hesitation waltz'

    n. the act of deciding whether to give a departing acquaintance a hug or a handshake, calculated by measuring your relative orbits, how long it takes your signals to bounce back, and the proximity of a close friend who just gave them a hug, whose massive gravitational force could slingshot you into a long-distance wave.

  2. I wish I'd thought of wrapping myself in bubble wrap when I was in Christchurch last week..