Sunday, September 19, 2010

Post Sixty-Nine: A Skeleton Now and Forever.

I've made an important decision. Some would say, the most long lasting decision I'll ever make.

If (or I should say when) I die, I want to be buried.

I've got some pretty cool reasoning behind this I think, and once you think about it I am sure you'll agree. When you're cremated your body is here one day and pretty much gone the next. If it was possible to be made into cocaine or something high inducing and snortable that would be pretty cool, but if it's just some dusty powder flakes then I'm just not convinced that this form of body disposal is significant enough for me.

Burial is the only option I think, simply because that way I get to become a skeleton. Skeletons are just about the most interesting things around. If anyone is rich and wants to buy me one for my birthday I would be very appreciative....

Anyway, if you're cremated you give up the option of your flesh falling away and your bones being the showstopper. I have a plan to write in it my will that in 300 years after my death if my family wishes they can exhume my skeleton and put it on display in their home....great nana Sar hanging out again above ground...the great great great grandkids putting me in compromising positions in who knows what future fashions....maybe I'll fly to the moon.....

Best idea. It's 7.30AM....I shouldn't write this early....hahahahaha.

Peace. x


  1. Me, I'm going to be
    turned into a diamond
    shot into space. Seriously people. This shit is real.

  2. Solid reasons Sarah!! I realise I'll be dead, but being torched kinda scares me too.

    Another great thing about being a skeleton, your newly found friends (because lets face it, being a skeleton would make you heaps more friends) could use you to scare unsuspecting passers by. Imagine the Halloween pranks.

  3. Burials Creep ME OUT. Cremation is the way to go for me.