Thursday, September 2, 2010

Post Sixty-One: Weekend A La Harmonica.

It's come around again, the on-call weekend.

If you decide to die of natural causes this weekend in Brisbane, chances are that I'll be one member of the smiling duo that will come to pick you up. Hello!

Today I feel a little amped, you know when you feel a strong surge of intensity in yourself that you can't quite understand the origins of? I'm sure if you believed in astrology or voodooisms then some planet must be retrograding or rampaging another one in my sign or something. All I know is, I'm glad I'm forcibly off the sauce this weekend. I was swooped by an owl last night too, so I'm sure there's some symbolism in that somewhere.

Maybe it was the soundtrack of the days mortuary work today that has me feeling a little rustled. Don't get me wrong, I loved it, but maybe the hopping across genres was too roller-coastery. Angus and Julia Stone covered Nelly Furtado on JJJ's like a version which was pretty damn fantastic, I mean, Nelly Furtado?

I guess Glassjaw, followed by Amy Winehouse wasn't very smart...I was all rar rar rar yeah then I was all like, "Gimme some coke and buoffant my hair..."

I'm not being very engaging today am I. Oh well. When I'm not carting around the peeps today I'm teaching myself some more harmonica, masterclass weekend in the blues my friends!

Peace xxxx

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  1. Phew, looks like we managed to stay one step ahead of the smiling duo of death last weekend.
    Maybe some other time we'll be more lucky and get the star post mortem treatment.