Monday, July 19, 2010

Post Thirty-Two: Introducing 'Sarah and her Man Band'

I'm posting this as motivation to get this band into rehearsals!

You see, I'm a fan of good times. Good times to me is essentially beer + singstar/ guitar hero.

In the mortuary I sing ALOT. In fact, I sing all day to my audience of the freshly decomposing. If only they could give me some feedback on my pitch and tempo right?

So to my band mates, I am in preperations. I am paying coino for guitar and vocal tuition, so Casino Beef Week here we come right? One time only, country gold.



  1. I'll ask my father in law to keep an eye out there for you. He runs cattle in Casino lol. I have just started reading your blog after reading the article on Sunday ( it's a great photo). I have an interest in death, the preparation, rituals, grieving process etc. My family think I am weird... I have often thought of becoming a mortician.., but I think it would make me too sad. So, thanks for your blog, I will be following it with interest.

  2. Were ready when you are Miss! Well, not entirely ready. Ready in spirit.

    I'll gets to practicing.

  3. liam let's get together over a goon bag and a piece of cardboard. we have to make us a brainstorm!