Thursday, July 1, 2010

Post Twenty-One: Dead Mans Best Friend

Meet Cotton.

I've had cotton on my mortuary door now for a few months but it's taken me a while to think of an appropriate name for him. I went a while calling him Nacho, which is a great name also, but it didn't sit completely honestly on him. He just sits at the door like a good doggie...

I didn't think of this name on my own. On an episode of Ace of Cakes (Food network for those with Fox) Geof is seen walking a really cute dog around Baltimore and it's name is Cotton. Just so you know, I love Geof. Insanely so. I want to have his babies. Check out the crew from charm city cakes @ and go nuts about their cool shit.

Anyway, I think the name cotton suits my mortuary pet well because cotton wool is pretty much my most extensively used mortuary product....up and in anywhere to soak up anything anytime.

I love cotton! (and Geof)


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