Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Post Thirty-Eight: On the Trawl.

Ok, so this is my desperate hunt for free stuff. I'm selling out, because I am poor and have no dignity.

My bandmates and I really want to go to the Gympie country music festival next month, but tickets are like $100 per day...I'm putting it out to the universe that we want to go and that someone, somewhere, will find free tickets and be all like "Here you go Sar, go have some fun, drink some whiskey, get muddy and be a fool but don't get pregnant."

Magic. Happen!

Peace. x


  1. Magic always lets you down mate.
    I find EBaying some of your (and other peoples abandoned) stuff a good way to raise quick disposable cash.
    Would love to help but ....... I suck at magic too.

  2. Damn it, I think you just might succeed at this pitch.

    But not from me...

    (moths fly out of pockets)