Monday, July 26, 2010

Post Thirty-Six: I love you, Patsy Cline.

How have I lived this long without her?
Oh, Patsy Cline, you made my day. (It was Patsy day at work today, I bought a 'best of' cd for $6.99 on the weekend and am very content with my purchase).
The dead people loved it, I loved it, and the mortuary was buzzing.
Also, I learnt that you can take old crusty stickers off your car window with a scalpel blade. Tres effective.
Peace. x


  1. Noice!

    If you go wired with headphones what happens if comes into your work and to get your attention taps you on the shoulder?

    I work in an office. When that happens to me I jump. I can only imagine your reaction...

    On a side note I HATE people coming up behind me at work. So I went to the local petrol station and bought one of those stick on small mirrors to go on your side mirror. I stuck it to the edge of my monitor. That worked okay - though I had to be alert to spot the flicker of movement - except the tacky back died and it kept falling off.

    Really I should just stick details 'how to approach me' intructions on the back of my chair like sleeping Japanese commuters have stuck to the heads on the train asking other punters to wake them when they get into so and so station.

    PS Nice choice on PC. Do you sing along? The other day at work I had YT of this little ditty going, listened too via headphones.

    The only trouble is ... when I'm wired ... sometimes ... I will without thinking ... sing along to it...

  2. Just a minute - you can't be old enough to know Patsy Cline ? surely ?


  3. hahahaha.

    I don't wear headphones but I do listen to my music reasonably musical tastes are super crazy and varied so one day it'll be the gorillaz, the next the doors...the next sonic youth....the next patsy many genres, so much love!

    My mortuary is underneath the funeral home I work at so no-one can hear me... It's great! I sing all the time and sometimes I pretend that the dead people are judges on some warped 'mortuary idol' competition. When people don't knock on my door and just barge in, especially when my back is turned, I freak out big time. Maybe some sort of spy system to the entrance would help me with that. I put signs up outside to tell people not to scare me or else I might cut off my fingers with scalpels or jab myself with a needle etc....

  4. I LOVE the idea of Dead Idol!

    I remember when Pauline Hanson was sniffing around in 06 I did wonder how her appearance on heaven idol might go...