Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Post Twenty-Nine: We Talked.

Epic-ness! Today I got to chat to JJJ's The Doctor, a.k.a. Lindsay McDougall on The Drive Show. Massive crush...I just about peed myself with excitement. A good man, a good chat, and a good afternoon all around.

I think the interview will be up on a podcast soon on his website so check it out if you're keen. I guess I'll link it blah blah blah...also, I say 'like' and 'um' way too much so apologies for that. It's pretty lousy :)

Peace. x


  1. I thought you sounded great! :) Was totally captivated by the subject matter. It's probably something I would be doing had I stumbled into it before becoming a graphic designer. :)

  2. Thanks India, thats very sweet of you :)

    Apparently today's modern woman goes through approximately four career changes over her lifetime, so you never could be working alongside me yet! (I heard this fact from a lady ahead of me in a line at coles once. Surely the coles lady had read it somewhere reputable, like wiki. lol)

  3. p.s. YO! check this out

    Its the interview!

  4. I don't think I'd ever be able to do your job Sarah but I found your interview incredibly interesting... One of the better ones that have been on triple j lately!

    How did you come to be on the show?

  5. I listened to that interview, you did great! I was so fascinated by the whole thing, it definitely made my drive home, stuck in traffic a lot more interesting. Thanks

  6. sweet my friends!
    It's all about who you know it seems, and a very valuable friend of mine posted my blog on his facebook account and thus, along came The Doctor and from that...infinity and beyond (Just saw toy story 3. AMAZING!)

  7. it was a grouse interview. For someone with an occasional crippling fear of death you gave me a circle of life vibe from it all. It made me feel better.

    Feel free to pluck my nose hairs if I end up on your table. And nose freckle hairs. I still have no idea how that _____ happens.