Monday, July 5, 2010

Post Twenty-Three: Just another Manic Monday.

Today was the day of twinsies.

I had two defribrillators to remove (which are kind of rare), two amputees in, and two cookies from the lounch room fridge that were stolen. I was not impressed about the cookie-snatching. You see, I baked them yesterday. Although they were baking failures in both flavour and texture,they were still MY cookies and I was going to enjoy them with a jar-glass full of milk for afternoon tea. I was in a bit of a mood after I realised my cookies had been taken, that is, until I defaced the soap dispenser in the bathroom. My observation follows that graffiti stems from disgruntled youth and is a great form of expression for those who've suffered injustice!

Following on with the doublo-day thing, I have posted another picture. It's of the TLC building in South Bank, Brisbane. Please, somebody, tell me what goes on in this building. I used to drive past everyday and people are often coming in and out of the doors...for some tender loving care?

Peace. x


  1. (Laughs)

    Gotta say - there ain't gonna be much tender loving care - especially toward employers - in the Trades and Labor Council offices :-)

  2. Ha! I have often wondered the same thing when I walk past that building...

  3. Oh yeah, some heavy sh!t & EB negotiations go down in that building! Not too much TLC, I'd expect!