Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Post Twenty-Four: It's Tammy Wynette Day!

I have had a really tough couple of days.

Perhaps it may go down as being the most emotionally draining week that I've had in the funeral industry to date. A little girl passed away and I took her into my care, and even though she had been sick for a very long time I really struggled with her death. The whole staff has been sombre and melancholy, which would go with common preconceptions of the industry that normally aren't aligned with the truth.

There was a lot of family contact and my little heart broke for them. I too grieved, and even though I only met her post-death my time with her made me feel entirely fragile. For the first time ever I had overwhelmingly strong maternal feelings. In dealing with this, I made her a paper crane and put it in her casket, but I don't want to see another dead child in a long, long time. I cried.

Heartache is good for music though right?

My friends and I have decided to start a new band. A one gig only bonanza, an alcohol and cuss fuelled country line-up. Maybe we'll play Casino Beef Week, which I think is appropriate considering our city-dwelling and mostly punk and heavy listening musical histories. (I have no musical history but the boys are pretty accomplished, so I'll stand in the front yodelling and unrythmically strumming.) We wanted to be called Sasscrotch but apparently thats already an electro/death metal band from Colorado. Anyway, I'm pretty excited and have been searching for some classic country tunes for inspiration.

Today was Tammy Wynette day in the mortuary. All I want to say is, SUPERB! If I keep feeling sad, will my voice sound like that?

Peace. x


  1. Sasscrotch is TAKEN? What do we do now?

  2. yeah, it's done. I myspace music'd it to check...we need something dirtier anyway.