Sunday, August 29, 2010

Post Fifty-Seven: Go Forth, My Friend the Explorer.

This picture is pretty awesome. I think it was taken a couple of years back at a halloween party, and my great friend Lynda and I seem to be doing what we do best (ie. drinking and being stupid.)

I've been thinking heaps about loss this week, both at work and in my personal life. Lynda isn't dying (thank jeebus), but she's moving to Canada to go have general rad times. She's leaving all her close family and friends behind for an undetermined amount of time because she's always wanted to go... but never really worked up the courage to do before now. A few tears fell out when we said goodbye!

I'm super excited and proud of her, and can't really believe she's fitting all of her life into a suitcase and seeking snowier pastures. Her leaving has made me reassess too whether I'm on the right path, working full time, being 25 and having never seen snow

I wonder how many dead old people that I meet actually travelled abroad in their life, apart from their efforts in war time. Did they ever pack up their shit and relocate to a place where nobody spoke their language, or you couldn't find a 7/11?....I know my folks didn't travel overseas until they had baby number two. That shit be crazy! How will I know that I'm not meant to be a Moroccan until I've been there, or maybe I'm destined to marry some Alaskan Goat Herder.

Anyway, be safe Lynda B!
Have wild adventures and seek the mooses. x


  1. Do it Sarah do it! Pack up your troubles (and your blog) in your old kit bag and smile smile smile!
    I traveled for 18 months whenI was 21... Well, I say traveled when what I really mean is that I went an lived in London and spent most of my time at the pub meeting the locals and doing crazy "no one can tell me off" stuff with friends... oh and saw a bit of Europe.
    But in 2007 I got to go to China... BLAST!
    Any who... I strongly recommend travel to anyone who is so enclined, cause the simple fact is, if you get there and after a while you hate it you can always come home or try somewhere else!

  2. much love sarah! <3 p.s. that photo is so rad, we totally rule.

  3. When she told you she was going did you ask 'Canada eh, what's all that aboot?'

    Apparently it's the done thing...

    PS You should warn her the Canadian PM likes to plagarise speeches by ... John Howard.

  4. Lynda your leaving makes me cry like a tears for fears cover, except in that good way? Wait, is that what i mean :/. Well in any case Canadia it up like its 1963. xxx

  5. That photo is pretty amazing...I miss having Lynda at work. There are far too few C-bombs being dropped on the software floor...