Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Post Forty-Six: The Post.

I have a new plan. If I get sick of this whole mortuary/death thing, I'm going to be a postie. It was raining today and I imagined how fun it would be for me to be zooming around in the wet, delivering all sorts of shit. Bills aren't so cool, but postcards and ebay stuff would be a buzz, right?

I am not logical or sensible, and I love running around in the rain. I am excited by puddles and melting mascara. Dogs chasing me would be a fun game and I like scars.

This is all. Oh, no it isn't.

I booked a flight to Japan! I'm off to Tokyo for a month in February, which is very cool. I haven't been overseas in forever! I guess I'm not getting a new computer now.....but the adventures begin!

Peace. x

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