Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Post Forty-Nine: Morning Mutiny.

That's it! I've taken a day off tomorrow. I'm frazzled. You know why?

I don't do Nescafe.

I'm generally a begger, not a chooser....but I can't drink that worst of the worst instant coffee. We used to get that moccona stuff at work I'm sure of it. When the caffeine is free, I ride high on that baby to get me through. Someone has changed brands in the kitchen and I can't cope.

What to do! I can't afford to buy coffee every day. Someone call an intervention.

Peace. x

P.S. I really have the day off for 'professional development'. I'm trying to win me an education scholarship as I do have a mind under this hat, somewhere.


  1. See, I'm even less choosy...in desperate times, Nescafe is doable...the lower than that stuff like International Roast or, worse, Bushells/caterers blend dusty crap is where the line is drawn for me. Urgh. I have, on occasion been known to take over the coffee ordering duties for this very reason...my bosses realise that a few extra dollars is worth the absence of mutiny :)

  2. The caffeine curve is my favourite thing. If Nescaff becomes too insipid and you have garden space you can always grow your own. I get about a kilo or roasted beans a year from a small bush at home. It's a bit of effort to do but not that much - not to mention that it's a labour of love.
    My home grown guide is in progress here,
    .... it's a subject dear to my heart :)

  3. My father-in-law told me a story about when he went to a Nestle' factory in the U.S where they made granular coffee. He said the coffee got mixed with a soapy-like substance and then got sprayed onto a massive drying wall. By the time the sprayed mixture had flown through the air and hit the heated wall it was dry. The soapy stuff kept it from all sticking together and created perfect granules.It was then scooped away by elves and packaged into bottles or tins for the Americans who used it like chewing tobacco. Nasty but a good buzz apparently. It is this chewed granular coffee that is repackaged into tins and exported all over the world and quite possibly why it also tastes so malignant. Bob the medic xx

  4. Need a Caffeine hit? Try mixing a spoonful of coffee into a diet coke and scarping that.

    But don't do what I did and run into your boss's office and say 'Ijustdrankaspoonfulofdietcokeandcoffeanditwasgreat' then run out.

  5. this is my favourite post so far. I love you guys! Tomorrow is a friday, I'm going to bewild and try the die-t coke thing. HA.