Sunday, August 22, 2010

Post Fifty-Two: A Proposal, Seriously.

I know who I want. I want you, Michael Cera.
Out there, wherever you are, you should be here with me. I don't care that you seem to play the same roles all the time. That role is perfect.
You make me laugh. Plus, you seem nervous all the time (or you are at least good at pretending) and that makes me feel ok about being nervous all the time too.
So, I want to marry you. Cool? I don't care if I don't know you. I think I'm ready to take that chance. Well, I only care if it's all a big lie and you are a dick (But I just can't see how this is possible as you have cool friends and laugh about good things). We could at least date for a while and go skating and make cookies and play guitar hero?
Note: I just watched Paper Hearts, a fun mock-doc(?) movie starring the glorious Charlyne Yi and Michael Cera amongst a pretty cool little cast. I love love loved it. Charming and artistic, hell funny...all without being too indie. Yes, I loved it.
Peace. x
(why is the weekend over!!!!)


  1. If he turned up on your slab tomorrow would you take his embalmed corpse home with you or let him go underground and become a graveside weeping widow ?

  2. hmmmmmm. I would be very upset. The truth is, I'm just not crazy enough to take him home. I'd probably ask his mum if I could change my name to Sarah Cera. And then,I'd bury him and do the graveside weeping widow thing. Yup! But..he will never die!

  3. As straight as i am, i can't help but agree with everything said in this post.

  4. Amen. If I played for that team he'd be so on my 'celebs I am allowed to nail' laminated sex card.

  5. laminated sex card, sweet jesus! Mine would not fit in my wallet....if thats where these cards are kept?