Friday, August 27, 2010

Post Fifty-Six: Pretty Birdy.

I really want a pet at work. My bosses are totally against it, but I don't see how they think that this will be counterproductive to improving my work performance.
Just think, how much will it improve my morale, my general work satisfaction, if I was permitted to keep a little budgie on my shoulder while I worked. Apart from the whole pooping situation (I already wear PPE anyway, just the corpses might cop a bit of splatter) I just don't know why it's not cool with the suits up the ladder.
My only hesitation would be if the fumes from some chemicals might get up their little nostrils (ooooo I need to google their nostrils, above their beaks I guess?). That would not be cool. Any vets or animal lovers out there that know about this stuff, could you fill me in?
I'd take him home in the afternoons and weekends and feed him all the fancy seed he wanted. I'd teach him to say cool things and fetch me suture string and cotton....What an amazing idea. Seriously, I need to open my own business!
Happy weekend peeps, love your work.
Peace. x

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  1. Plus if a body is packing those weird gases, polly would pop off the perch and give you the nose news something was not well in the land of the deceased abdomen.

    I'm reading a book about military miners. Birds and mice were their chosen animal alerts. Apparently gases from artillery - carbon monoxide - could seep through the earth into the workings and wipe out a whole team.