Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Post Forty-Three: The Shameless Plug for Thems That I Love.

Ok, the only thing this post has to do with death is that, if you come to the above gig, you will die of awesome! If you don't come, you'll die with an unholy regret. Yup.

My favouritist local Brissie boys, The Mercy Beat, have made a stupidly awesome album. It's so good I feel like even if I didn't know them personally, I would stalk them down and make them love me.

Come along! They will shake your hand and write on your boob. I will also do this.

I'm gonna get me drunk! (responsibly?)

You can check them out @

Peace. x


  1. Phew - I thought this post was going in a whole other direction when I saw the title. There was me thinking about bizarre and unknown plug things that only morticians know about, shamlessley providing dignity for thems that you love.
    On the plus sie the Zoo is an awesome venue for that up close and personal gig.

  2. oh eddie, there is one of those too! And we actually say "Oh no, I have to plug this poor lad...."

  3. Argh - no matter how weird, odd or gross my imagination can get, your reality tops it every time.

    This is exactly why I am such an avid reader of yours Sarah :)