Monday, August 23, 2010

Post Fifty-Three: Excuse Me, You Have Something On Your Shoe.

Mondays, why are you so mean?
I started the day off with some gangrene. Oh my, it was not pretty! Gangrene is the pits yo!
Then, in the afternoon my aspirator hose flew off the tap whilst in use, sending stomach contents, mine and the deceased's, across the room. It was like a scene from Dexter, seriously. I knew there was a lot of mess, but for about 15 minutes I didn't notice the wad of intestines on my gown and my boots. Sorry lady, but It looked like I was wearing your insides as accessories!
On a brighter note, I'm keeping my mind in a happier place...In October I'm heading down to Melbourne to see Mariachi El Bronx. Needless to say, I'm super excited and I can't stop thinking about it.
Thats all folks. Boring one day, thrilling the next.
Peace. x


  1. I love this - you say boring one day, thrilling the next and all I can think is, airborne stomach contents one day, gangrene the next. Awesome :)

  2. Holy crap that's disgusting. I will never, ever complain about my Mondays again*.

    * this is obviously a lie - but still, gross..

  3. Wowsers.

    So what happens with diseased body parts? Do you leave it? Or clean it? Is it just a case of hiding the smell and putting on the clothes?

    Enquiring me wants to know!

    PS Your Monday easily out urgh's mine.

    PPS My word veri was Juggaffle. Juggaffle, when your aspirator hose comes off and sprays the room.

  4. you were on triple j again. yes!

  5. I heard your interview on the Js and rushed to the computer to read your blog. Fascinating stuff. Thanks for sharing what life (and death) is like in your neck of the woods.